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Exquisite Traditional Dishes

Dansak Dishes

Pineapple, Lentils and Lemon Juiceto add a sweet and sharp tangy flavour

Patia Dishes

Slightly sour taste cooked with tomato puree and mango chutney

Rogan Josh Dishes

A tomato delicately flavoured sauce with a touch of ginger, garlic & capsicums.

Korma Dishes

Mild, Coconut and creamy

Dupiaza Dishes

Chopped onion, Medium dry

Bhuna Dishes (Hot and Dry)


Mild & sweet dish cooked woth lychees, bananas and fresh cream


Medium hot cooked with thinly cut onions & peppers served in a Korai balti giving it a unique grilled taste


Cooked with chick peas & a wide variety of herbs and spices consisting of a slightly spiced thick sauce.


Semi hot cooked with peppers a hint of chilli, fresh lemon to give it a uniques tangy taste.

Saag Paneer

Delicious medium hot dish cooked with spinach, indian cottage cheese & a wide variety of herbs and spices

Any of the following dishes can be cooked in any of these traditional styles of your choice

Chicken 6.95
Chicken and Mushroom 7.40
Lamb 6.95
Mince 6.95
Prawn 6.95
Chicken Tikka 7.40
King Prawn 7.95
Mushroom 5.95
Vegetable 5.95
Tropical 7.90

All pictures are for illustration purposes only

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