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Biryani and Masala Dishes
Biryani Dishes 

Preparation of saffron, rice, peas and sultanas garnished with tomatoes and other ingredients. A nice finish, suitable for one who is lacking Oriental Cuisine, served with a vegetable curry.

Chicken 7.50
Lamb 7.50
Mince 7.40
Prawn 7.40
King Prawn 8.40
Mushroom 6.40
Vegetable 6.40
Chicken and Prawn 7.95
Chicken and Mushroom 7.95
Lamb and Prawn 7.95
Mince and Prawn 7.95
Lamb and Mushroom 7.95
Prawn and Mushroom 7.95
Chicken Tikka 7.95
Tropical (special mixed meat, chicken, prawn & mushroom)
Malayan chicken 8.20
Pashan Chicken 8.50

Masala Dishes

Marinated with special Tandoori sauce, cooked in clay ovens & finally in a rich masala sauce.

Lamb Tikka 7.50
Mince 7.50
Prawn 7.50
Chicken Tikka 7.50
King Prawn 7.95
Mixed Vegetable 5.95
Mushroom 5.95
Chicken & Mushroom 8.50
Chicken Tikka and Vegetable 8.50
Chicken Tikka or Lamb Tikka 8.95 New!
Chicken Tikka or Lamb Tikka (chilli) 8.95
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